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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Serrano Gallery presents the TENants Show!

Thursday February 11, 6-9PM

Venue: 2000 Edwards, Houston TX 77007

Ten artists get together in one evening and present some fantastic works in the most unique fashion!!! I don't want to give much away but shipping crates are being used as surfaces to exhibit the works. Come by and see this impressive show by a select few picked by the Serrano Gallery.

Blue Rapids-Where The Wild Things Are, 60 x 40 inches, Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Light bites and Wine!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Where Have I been?

You know what they say about the right time for everything. Well, seems like for the past three years, the right time to write was taking a break:)

It's a New Year and so my resolve to continue my blog has become stronger this year. Much to write, but too may thoughts criss crossing and trying to all spew out at the same time.
My work has taken most of my time, I am happy to report. I have grown the wealth of experience the past few years. My new studio is at Silver Street Studios now. My previous studio will always be my first love but change is good. I was a member of the Artist Advisory Committee for the first year when I first moved to this studio and then have been curator for their shows since then.

My personal work has grown in leaps and bounds. The last series that I released In New York in 2015 was a huge success. I took my circles in a different direction than before and experienced that satisfaction.

I won second place at the Muir Fine Art Gallery's Mural Exhibition Contest in 2015 at the City Centre in Houston. And this earned me a show Muir Gallery scheduled to be held on February 4, 2016. Click on the link below to RSVP!!!

Time has flown but not without notice:) Much was done and there is much to be done. Will keep you posted about future endeavors this year. Please cross your fingers for me!

New Studio:
2000 Edwards,
Studio 322,
Houston TX 77007

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bound No More

'Bound No More' Painting commissioned by The Mission at Serenity Ranch.

One morning, Monica Erickson met me at a Starbucks and told me about this amazing organization that was fighting against human trafficking in Houston and further. That got my attention and she asked me if I would make a painting for this event and it can be auctioned on stage. The stories she told me about the very real problem of trafficking in my local city caught me by surprise!!!
It upset me, it made me think. I wanted to do something, maybe little but nevertheless something. 
So, I said yes to Monica....she is also super persuasive I tell you:)
"I want this girl to walk away from the dark, leave it behind her and walk towards the sunshine, release a dove, break away from her shackles, look towards a promising new life....and wear a red gown", she said:) Simple right? But figurative work is always fun for me. So, I said a big yes!
It felt very good to be on stage, give thanks to Cheryl the founder of MSR and a former sex slave. I did something worthwhile through my work, I spread the word, talked to as many people as I could about the immediate awareness that is necessary to keep our children safe.
It felt good.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

 Evening of Art and Design

After a year's work of scheduling and finding the right opportunity  I was able to collaborate with my friend Libby and her office Kimball Office to have a joint event at my Studio. It was an amazing evening and it just seemed too short:) I had a good time seeing my patrons and Kimball's designer clients carousing through the evening. The chairs that they brought in complemented the art so beautifully, it was meant to be.
And I must say there is a strong team working behind me to make sure my work gets the attention, thank you Jonathan and Lindsay!


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