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Monday, September 23, 2013

Bound No More

'Bound No More' Painting commissioned by The Mission at Serenity Ranch.

One morning, Monica Erickson met me at a Starbucks and told me about this amazing organization that was fighting against human trafficking in Houston and further. That got my attention and she asked me if I would make a painting for this event and it can be auctioned on stage. The stories she told me about the very real problem of trafficking in my local city caught me by surprise!!!
It upset me, it made me think. I wanted to do something, maybe little but nevertheless something. 
So, I said yes to Monica....she is also super persuasive I tell you:)
"I want this girl to walk away from the dark, leave it behind her and walk towards the sunshine, release a dove, break away from her shackles, look towards a promising new life....and wear a red gown", she said:) Simple right? But figurative work is always fun for me. So, I said a big yes!
It felt very good to be on stage, give thanks to Cheryl the founder of MSR and a former sex slave. I did something worthwhile through my work, I spread the word, talked to as many people as I could about the immediate awareness that is necessary to keep our children safe.
It felt good.



  1. CHEERS to you!!!!! Amazing work....all of you. Many continued blessings. :)


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